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UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, serves the children of the world. It serves children of all races, nationalities, religions, and political systems in more than 100 developing countries. Its purpose is to help provide a better life for children and their mothers. It gives both long-term assistance and emergency help.

This program is very necessary. Today 800 million humans live in conditions of poverty and hopelessness. Two-thirds of them are children and mothers of small children. Four-fifths of this children have no regular health services. Nine out of ten are not protected against childhood diseases. One hundred million do not have enough of the right foods. Most of them drink impure water. Unsafe water is one of the reasons millions of people die every year.

UNICEF works with governments to provide three kinds of services. They plan and organize programs, they train people to work in the programs, and UNICEF provides supplies and equipment.

UNICEF has programs to improve children's health. It does this in several ways. It improves water supplies. It provides food and teaches people what to feed their children. It helps equip health centers, provides medical services, and trains people to talk good care of their children. It helps disabled children, and provides vitamin A for children who might go blind because of the lack of it.

UNICEF helps equip schools and train teachers. It assists in preparing textbooks. It equips centers for youth and women. It trains village leaders to work in these programs. It works to improve the situation of women.

During emergencies, UNICEF supplies tents, medicine, food, and water supply equipment.

UNICEF's main goal is prevention. It works to prevent diseases. It gives shots to immunize children against disease. It educates people about the importance of pure water, healthful food, and other ways to prevent disease.

UNICEF gets its money from volunteer contributions from many countries. It also sells beautiful greeting cards which are very popular.

All children and their mothers have the right to medical care, a place to live, pure water, and enough food. UN helps millions of the world's children get these rights.


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