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     Smoking causes lung cancer. Lung cancer is the number one cancer among men. Ninety percent of the people who get lung cancer die. Smokers have six times as much cancer of the mouth, tongue, and throat as nonsmokers. Smokers have twice as much heart disease. Smoking gives people breathing problems. It harms the stomach. Smoking causes on million early deaths in the world every year.

     Throughout the world, women live longer than men. why? Because men smoke more. Nonsmoking men live just as long as women.

     Smokers pollute the air. They breathe out 100 times as much pollution as nonsmokers. The breathe it out on their children and on their wives or husbands. Children whose parents smoke have more breathing and lung problems than other children. Among nonsmoking women married to smokers, there are twice as many deaths from lung cancer as there ar amoung women marreid to nonesmokers. Men have the right to kill themselves by smoking if they want to. They do not have the right to kill their wives and children by smoking.

     Smokers are absent from work more. Factories and businesses lose millions of dollars every year  because of smokers. Smokers have higher medical bills.

    All of this facts from research show that smoking is bad. So why people smoke?

    Young people start smoking because everyone else is doing it. They feel grown up and independent. It helps them relax. Then it becomes a habit.

    It is very difficult to stop smoking, but the chance of getting lung cancer decreases only one year after you stop. After ten years, the chance is almost the same as for nonsmokers. It is possible to quit smoking. Thirty million people in United States have quit because they believe the research. You or your friends can quit too.

How to Quit Smoking?

Here are a lot of ideas to help you quit smoking. If one doesn't help you, try another. Good luck!

1. Decide to smoke only once an hour
2. Change to a kind of cigarette that you don't like.
3. Exercise to relax your body
4. Tell your friends you ar going to quit.
5. Quit for one day. Then you can quit for one more day.
6. Plan what you will do with all the money you will save.
7. Oversmoke the day. Then you can quit for one more day.
8. Make a list of your major reasons for quitting.
9. Don't clean your ashtrays. Let them show you how little you are smoking. See and smell how dirty they are.
10. Eat carrots or celery or chew gum when you want  a cigarette.
11. if you usually smoke immediately after a meal, get up and take a walk.
12. Breathe deeply and relax instead of having a cigarette.
13. Throw away your lighter and matches.
14. Wait an hour  for your your first cigarette. The next day wait two hours and so on.
15. Pull all your ashtrays away.