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We have a table tbl_Posts with  The Id column that is set to autoincrement(1,1).

And we want to have the autoincrement field start from a defined value.

Changing the identity seed for the table tbl_Posts to 500:


UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, serves the children of the world. It serves children of all races, nationalities, religions, and political systems in more than 100 developing countries. Its purpose is to help provide a better life for children and their mothers. It gives both long-term assistance and emergency help.


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Many organizations are trying to find a solution to the problem of world hunger. Two of them are CARE and OXFAM. They both provide food to hungry people. However they both believe that it is more important to help people produce their own food. Because of this belief, both organizations have programs to help people improve their lives.


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Can Razor views be compiled Just by Visual Studio

File upload in ASP.NET MVC

1. Send an Email to Your List - Ok you already knew this. However, if you are not building a list you are crazy. A targeted email list of people who actually have come to your website and specifically requested info from you about your niche is a gold mine. You should have opt in forms on every page of your website. Being able to send an email blast to a real, interested targeted list of followers is one of the fastest and best ways to generate traffic to your website.

2. Send an Email Blast to Somebody Else's List - What if you do not have a list? Well see if you can find other people in your field who will allow you to pay for a solo email to their list. There are places like the Warrior Forum where people swap mailings and offer solo email spots on their lists...

Mistake 1 – Neglecting On-page Optimization:

I think more people are beginning to understand the importance of on-page optimization when it comes to ranking their web pages. With so much focus on keywords and link building though, often I see webmasters focusing too heavily on the “off page” stuff, without realizing what they do “on” their website is just as important. Proper internal linking, keyword density, LSI, image text, no follow tags, just to name a few, are also very important to search engines. There are free plugins available to help you with a lot of this stuff, so do your due diligence and implement whatever strategies need be.

Mistake 2 – Freaking Out When Rankings Plummet:

Go onto any internet marketing forum and you will see this every single time. People are literally freaking out when they see their rankings drop. Most often this is due to a thing we call the Google dance....